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Monday 27th May 2019 - posted by Webmaster

European Election 2019 Results for Inverclyde

For the purposes of the European Parliament Scotland is seen as one large constituency. Scotland is represented by 6 MEPs. Parties win a number of MEPs equal to their share of the vote in each region.

It was a good night for the SNP and the 6 week old Brexit Party, and a disastrous night for the Tories and Labour Party, as Scotland voiced their displeasure at the UK Parliament and their handling of the Brexit situation. The SNP vote increased nearly 9% while the newly formed Brexit Party were 2nd in Scotland (and 3rd in Inverclyde) with nearly 15% of the Scottish vote.

The Liberal Democrats came 3rd, the Tories came 4th (with their share of the vote down 5.6%) and Labour came 5th (down a massive 16.6%). This all means the SNP will have 3 MEPs, with the Brexit Party, Lib Dems and Conservatives represented by 1 MEP each.

The full Scottish results in the 2019 election on May 23rd were:

  % +/- % # of votes TOTAL
SNP 37.84 +8.85 594,553 3
Brexit Party 14.83 NA 233,006 1
Lib Dems 13.89 +6.80 218,285 1
Conservative 11.61 -5.61 182,476 1
Labour 9.34 -16.58 146,724 0
Green 8.25 +0.19 129,603 0
Change UK 1.91 NA 30,004 0
UKIP 1.81 -8.65 28,418 0
Gordon Edgar 0.39 NA 6,128 0
Ken Parke 0.13 NA 2,049 0
Rejected papers: Unknown.
TURNOUT: 39.9%, up 6.4% on 2014

The results for Inverclyde in the 2019 election were as follows:

  % +/- %
SNP 41.9 +13.2
Labour 14.7 -21.2
Brexit Party 14.6 NA
Lib Dems 10.1 +5.3
Conservative 9.3 -4.8
Green 5.2 +0.6
Change UK 1.9 NA
UKIP 1.7 -7.5
Gordon Edgar 0.5 NA
Ken Parke 0.1 NA
Rejected papers: Unknown.

The MEPs elected to represent Scotland were:

Candidate Party
Alyn Smith (Twitter) SNP
Christian Allard (new) SNP
Aileen McLeod (new) SNP

Louis Stedman-Bruce (new)

Brexit Party
Sheila Ritchie (new) Lib Dems

Nosheena Mobarik (Twitter) (new)


Source: BBC link 1 / BBC link 2

Alyn Smith MEP (image credit: Brian McNeil)
Alyn Smith MEP (image credit: Brian McNeil)

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